Charm and Sticker Kit 13 | Tips N Toes

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CSK 13

Charm and Sticker Kit 13: Tips N Toes


   ♥ 1 big Purple filigree planner clip
   ♥ 1 small ribbon planner clip
   ♥ 4 sheets glossy Tips N Toes sticker set

     Extra:  Sticker Ephemeras

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PHP 495 + 115 SF = PHP 610

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USD 16 + 10 SF = USD 26

 **GIVEAWAY ALERT: We are giving away 1 Ballerina TN Charm to a lucky order. Each order of CSK 13 will get you 1 electronic raffle ticket. Open to everyone.

Winner will be drawn randomly and will receive the Ballerina Charm along with the CSK13 order.

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