LMH Sticker Squad Subscription

UPDATE: LMH SUBSCRIPTION is closed, you may opt for STANDALONE box, see details on the bottom 


Cut off is every 20th* of these months: November, January, March, May, July and September. *Previous cut off used to be 17th.

♥ Subscription Month OCTOBER - Order cut off September 20 - Shipping starts Oct 15
♥ Subscription Month DECEMBER - Order cut off November 20 - December 15
♥ Subscription Month FEBRUARY - Order cut off January 20 - February 20
♥ Subscription Month APRIL - Order cut off March 20 - April 15
♥ Subscription Month JUNE - Order cut off May 20 - June 15
♥ Subscription Month AUGUST - Order cut off July 20 - Shipping starts August 15


For PH residents, you may ADD TO CART on product page.
For International customers (outside Philippines), kindly fill up ORDER FORM here.

Make sure to pay before the 17th of the cut off month to be included in the corresponding Subscription Month.

Can I combine shipping with my Sticker Squad Subscription and individual stickers purchase from the website?

♥ Yes, please email littlemisshelper@gmail.com to get your CODE. You may only use this code if you are CURRENTLY subscribed to the LMH SSS.

How many stickers will I get in each box?

The content of each box may differ every month. Subscribing means you are in for a surprise on the succeeding boxes that you will get. One thing for sure, it is going to be your money's worth. Stickers are usually 10++ sheets in variety of sizes. Check out our Instagram account for sneaks and previous box content ;-)

Are the images and clipart an original work of LMH?

♥ Cliparts may be commercially bought or may be an exclusive art in collaboration with other artists.  For commercially bought, the actual design of the printed sticker sheet is the original LMH work. This may be the reason why there are other stickers with the same element as ours. The clipart may be the same, but what constitute the actual sticker sheet --- the fusion of colors, theme, elements and output design, is uniquely ours, designed by LMH.

Do you accept international orders?


For the LMH Sticker Squad Subscription, USD pricing is fixed. Fill up the ORDER FORM on the product page and we will send your invoice through email.


What is an SS Standalone box?

An SS Standalone box or a Sticker Squad Standalone is a one time purchase of this sticker box. Yes, you can now purchase our well loved sticker sub individually. This Standalone box is priced at regular rate, but still very competitive considering the content ;-) Offering it as a standalone gives each customer a chance to choose whether they like to purchase the current theme or not. 

Do you offer the SSS Standalone box all year round?

No. The Sub and the Standalone are both in LIMITED QUANTITIES. When you subscribe to the Sub, your slot is guaranteed. When we release the Standalone, we only have fixed number of boxes and once they are sold out, it's gone. We do not reprint the SSS stickers. This makes it unique and well loved by our wonderful subscribers :-) 

How and when can we order an SSS Standalone box?

Order via website, under LMH Sticker Squad Sub, you will see a separate item for the Standalone. Release of the Standalone boxes is synonymous to the shipping date of the Subs:

♥ OCTOBER - Standalone will be available on Oct 15
♥ DECEMBER - Standalone will be available on December 15
♥ FEBRUARY - Standalone will be available on February 20
♥ APRIL - Standalone will be available on April 15
♥ JUNE - Standalone will be available on June 15
♥ AUGUST - Standalone will be available on August 15


Check out our Instagram account littlemisshelper regularly for sneak peeks on the theme designs for the sub month.