A - Sticker Squad 7th ed

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Orders yours via website "ADD TO CART" (for PH address) or email littlemisshelper@gmail.com
Shipping will start on February 11

Php 370 (glossy) or Php 430 (premium matte) + 120 shipping via JRS (PH address)

**NEW** You can now purchase our well loved sticker sub individually... It's the STICKER SQUAD STANDALONE.

The LMH Sticker Squad Sub/Standalone box promises to give you your money's worth with quality planner stickers that includes decorative and functional sticker sheets.

The box contains checklist, icons, headers, full boxes, half boxes, decorative images, page flags, washi strips, etc.

Each box will have at least 10++ sheets of stickers uniquely made for the LMH Sticker Squad and Standalone Box by LMH, in collaboration with different graphic designers.

The LMH Sticker Squad Sub is offered in LIMITED QUANTITIES. Sticker sheets are not sold separately and is exclusive to the sub and standalone. Once the they are sold out, it's gone!

GLOSSY stickers - highly recommended as colors are crispier and less prone to yellowing over time since glossy finish is coated
Premium MATTE stickers - bright white, smooth texture and easy to write on due to its uncoated nature

PLEASE READ: Use Coupon Code: STICKERSQUADFREE on checkout (applicable to Sticker Squad orders only for Philippine address)


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